What People Say About US

Our Mission

To reconnect Brazilians living in North America with the products they miss the most from home through a secure, efficient process and premium customer service at a fair price.

Our purpose is to break through geographical limitations to transform the culture of imported products, too often marked by exploitative prices and inefficient service, by offering fast delivery to all North American cities. We exist not only to serve the international Brazilian community, but also to bring the best products that Brazil has to offer to their North American neighbours.

Our Vision

To be the leading specialist in bringing Brazilian products to North America, offering our customers first-rate moments and experiences.

Who we are

NationPack.com, Inc. is an online retailer offering superior Brazilian products to the North American market through its e-commerce platform and other online marketplaces (including Amazon, eBay, and Walmart).

We supply a wide variety of products - including books, grooming products, clothing and accessories, food and drink, and souvenirs - with delivery option from 1 to 3 business days anywhere in North America from our three distribution centres in Houston, TX, Brampton, ON and Vancouver, BC.


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Our processes are fully automated to guarantee the secure and speedy delivery of your purchase, each and every time. This automation also ensures your data is protected (all encrypted with a security certificate) and reduces our operational costs, allowing us to offer the lowest possible prices to our customers.

All of our sales channels are integrated into a single platform that captures orders, confirms product availability at your nearest distribution center, and establishes the quantity and size of boxes needed before finding the fastest, most reliable delivery method among our network of more than six partner carriers.

Our platform also processes all required documents and forwards the daily shipping order list at 11:30 AM ET (on business days), all without human interference.

Packaging of your products is then done by hand with great attention and care by our highly-trained team, who are committed to getting your products to you safe and sound in a timely manner.